My name is Raquel and I am a photographer, digital artist and retoucher from Spain. 

I have always felt the urge to tell stories in some way and it was a few years ago when, through experimentation and following my curiosity, I discovered the power of photography and editing.

Fantasy, surrealism, conceptual elements, feelings, music and even dreams are inspiration for me. In my art work I am looking for the beauty in the darkness and at the same time I love to discover the light or the fears inside my characters. Fun fact: I almost always end up using a self-portrait to tell my own stories!

Adobe Photoshop is obviously one of my favourite and powerful tools and it assists me to create different spaces, worlds and unimaginable elements essential to tell infinite stories about everything that pops into my head.

Nowadays I am immersed in following my curiosity and make experimentations because i think that we can’t  stop learning and most important, we need to know ourselves.
We need to know our boundaries and, perhaps, push them little by little each year.

Doing this, I want the viewers finding and feeling hidden emotions in what I create inside my image. I need to know how to do it and to achieve it at the same time they understand the story behind. This is probably one of the most important challenges about my artwork, (try to get there.) 

 I'm obviously under constant construction and hope to be my entire life.



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